Vantage West Property Management has opened for business to serve the Kelowna market. The office is a franchisee of Vantage West Realty.

“There is a need in Kelowna for a company that offers investment-focused management for property owners whether they are managing single or multi-family homes,” says owner A. J. Hazzi. “Ever since I’ve been a landlord, I’ve longed for a management firm that not only had the core competencies of keeping the property filled with quality tenants, co-ordinating maintenance items and basic accounting, but could also provide the objective insight and management around the investment side.”

Hazzi says the company brings a focus to the financial side of property ownership, offering qualified professional advice to help guide the decision-making around investments.

Key to the new service for clients is a semi-annual consultation with a senior investor, a dual-licensed professional in both real estate sales and rental property management. “People need help quantifying their return, objective feedback on their current properties’ performance and honest advice as to hold or divest themselves of certain properties,” says Hazzi. “We want to help homeowners hold their equity accountable to a return.”

Six consultants work from the new Kelowna office.