Mark McLean took over as president at the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) on July 1. An avid runner and sculptor in his free time, McLean brings the same energy and artistry to his work as a Realtor, says the board.

“I like creative personalities because they are able to envision a finished product and see the steps needed to get there, and in that way their work is very similar to that of Realtors,” he says.

A 26-year TREB member, McLean first ran for the Board of Directors in 2012 as director-at-large, pledging to foster relationships with consumers and within the profession.

“The most important thing is simply to participate in the conversation,” he says. “With respect to organized real estate, I believe firmly in the three-way agreement and I hope that we will continue to offer leadership and support to smaller boards throughout Ontario and across Canada.”

When it comes to TREB’s dialogue with consumers, McLean believes it is important to the city’s future to continue promoting the benefits of home ownership.


“As a centre of finance, innovation and creativity, Toronto is destined to become one of the world’s great mega-cities, and recognizing this, it is important for us take it in a positive direction” he says. “Walking around, it’s easy to see that it is a city of entrepreneurs and as entrepreneurs ourselves, Realtors have an important role to play in its development.”

Another of the Greater Toronto Area’s characteristics that gives it an advantage, says McLean, is its multiculturalism and in future years, he hopes the city’s diversity will be even better reflected at TREB’s board table.

“I would encourage anyone to get involved in organized real estate because it gives you a big picture perspective, insight into emerging trends and the opportunity to talk with other Realtors from throughout North America who are happy to tell you about what works for them.”

McLean’s perspective on the overall outlook for the profession is equally positive.

“In years past you would say to clients, ‘I found a house’ and today they say to you, ‘I found a house; how do I maximize my dollar?” he says. “We really are needed to take all of the information that’s out there and make the best use of it.

McLean says he believes his strength is in helping others reach their potential.

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