Come and join lawyer Mitch Korman as he does a summary workshop “The Ten Minute Realtor® Workout“.
It is an essential workshop for those looking to stay on top of the recent developments and most critical issues in real estate law. Get the information you need in 10 minutes per topic.  REGISTER ONLINE

Topics include:

1. Fiduciary duties…What is this and does it apply to me?
2. Realty Taxes and Water…Why do people lie?
3. Title…Who’s on the hook and family law issues?
4. Estate Conveyancing…How long is whenever?
5. Status Certificates…Do I really need one?
6. Power of Attorney and “In Trust”…Is it really all the power its cracked up to be?
7. Tenants..Can’t shoot em?
8. President’s Choice and “B” Lenders…Not really for Presidents!
9. Surveys, Mutual Drives & Pad Parking…Do good fences make good neighbours?
10. Closing Time…Is a bridge more costly than your sanity?
11. New Condo Construction Agreements…$10,000 in adjustments…ouch!
12. Assignments…Can they really make an ass out of you (and me)?
13. Getting the most out of the person taking on the most risk and being paid the least (your lawyer)
Wednesday April 27, 2015
9:00 am – 11:30 am
Parya Trillium – 344 John St. Thornhill ON. L3T 5W5