PICRA proudly presents:

Residential Tenancies
Cost: $25

In this new seminar, Mark Weisleder, LLB, REI, teaches the latest legal decisions involving residential tenancies that will not only assist you in dealing with difficult tenants, but more importantly, ensure that you conduct the proper research in advance when qualifying potential tenants, and be able to properly protect any buyer of residential rental properties. The course is worth 3 CE credits

Tues May 7, 2013. 9:00am – 12:00pm
Parya, 344 John Street, Thornhill, ON
Fee: $25

The objectives of this course are to understand:

The process involved in evicting a residential tenant, regardless ofreason, and collecting any outstanding arrears;
The key questions to ask and research techniques to follow to make sure that you are properly qualifying any potential tenant;
All issues involved when preparing a home to sell that is occupied by a tenant; and
The main provisions to include in any residential lease and in any agreement of purchase and sale when purchasing a residential rental property
And more …

About Mark Weisleder: Mark has presented seminars for the Ontario Real Estate Association and IIR Telecoms since 1983 on subjects such as Real Property Law, Customer Loyalty, Customer Service Excellence, Professional Business Etiquette, Legal Updates and Privacy. He practiced law privately in major Toronto law firms for 12 years, working for real estate developers and entrepreneurs.