PICRA and Strategic Peak Performance Coaching care proud to present:

Profitability and Goal Setting in 2014 
Treating your Real Estate business as a business is essential to being profitable. It is easy to become reactive in business and in life. True success has always come from having a clear vision for the future. The only way to become truly proactive is to have a plan. Without a plan days flow into weeks, weeks into months and months into a year. 12 months goes by and soon we embark upon another year with little extra to show for it

In this presentation you will learn ideas and steps on achieving success and how to implement some of the fundamental aspects of running a business, planning, cash management and business development.   REGISTER NOW!

Learning Outcomes:

  • The 2 sides of the coin in managing profit
  • The 5 purposes of a business
  • SPP’s Success Business Model
  • 7 steps in defining your key metrics for success
  • How to properly manage your money like a business
  • 5 Strategic steps to creating a profitable contact list

When: Tues February 11, 2014
Time: 9:00 am – 11:30 am
Location: 344 John Street, Markham


About Peter Mueller
PeterPeter Mueller is real estate. He is the CEO and Founder of Strategic Peak Performance Coaching Inc. He was a successful sales associate, manager, Broker Owner and Entrepreneur and has spent 29 years his entire working career in the Real Estate industry. The last 10 years he has been involved in a coaching and consulting capacity and has taken his knowledge, expertise and experience to launch Strategic Peak Performance Coaching Inc. He is a sought out international speaker and trainer and has presented to audiences all around the world. With 1000’s of hours of coaching and consulting experience he has an understanding of our business like no one else and is passionate in sharing with Broker owners, managers, Teams and sales associates how to build profitable businesses.