Iran has been facing unprecedented floods in 25 of its 31 provinces since the beginning of the spring. Thousands of children and their families have lost their homes and livelihood. Our team on ground has been assessing the need. Please help bring relief to these children and their families.

As we all know days of heavy rain has caused unprecedented floods and many rivers have over flown and many cars have been washed away down the stream. Talk about the people who have been affected which affects the children. Food and water supplies have been affected, agriculture, drinking water, food supplies are needed. Children and babies need help.
This is a reminder for all members of PICRA to donate in anyway they see fit, or join us to send their donation via Paradise Charity, which is a registered and reputable charity organization in Toronto.
If you decide to send your money via Paradise, please feel free to check their website, it will be a TAX Deductible donation, and can be done on their portal.
Truly Yours,
PICRA Board Of Directors