Real estate is a weird industry. Lots happens that would never fly in another industry.  If we were all pizza delivery guys for example, these frequent yet acceptable real estate pet peeves would just not happen:

1. Last minute cancellations

We have been summoned and in a hurry. We pack our box, load the car and race off. We dart through traffic, shake a fist at every red light and hurriedly make our way there. We arrive, tires screeching, only to see another pizza delivery car parked in the drive. Confused, we phone the person who summoned us, to hear, “Oh. Yeah. Umm… I decided to get a pizza from somewhere else. I hope you don’t mind.” Yes. Yes, I mind.


2. Multiple price checks

While manning the phone between deliveries, a call comes in from someone with a low, drawling voice – not unlike Rocky – asking, “Yo. How much for uh – an extra large?” We quote, he hangs up.

Every two minutes thereafter, low and drawling calls back with a new question. “Yo – how about two larges?” “But what about three mediums?” “Is there a deal if we get garlic bread?”

The poor man is clearly confused, so naturally – being great at customer service – we ask him how many people he is trying to feed. He assumes we’re prying and refuses to answer. He continues to call though, for another 20 minutes. He never places an order. We find out later, though, that he is a regular customer of a competing pizza parlour.

3. The race strategy

A pizza order is placed, but with conditions. “I have ordered two pizzas – one from you, and one from your competition. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to race over here to earn my business. We will then hold a reverse auction on my doorstep. Fastest one with the lowest price wins. Ready? Go!”  You resent being treated like a circus animal, but this is how pizza delivery guys are treated, so you dance.

Why this ridiculous behaviour is par for the course in the real estate industry I may never understand. But maybe, with your help spreading the word, we can put a stop to this craziness.

Share this with your clients and put it on your blog, and maybe – just maybe – we can put an end to the Mission Impossibles and the Rockys who would have us jump through hoops like dolphins.

Whatever your business is – even if you deliver pizza – do you have this craziness in your industry?

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