Norouz is a time when so many Iranian families and loved ones come together in celebration. Moreover, it is a holiday that reminds us of the rich culture of the Iranian people, and the extraordinary contributions that they have made to human history.

As the new year starts, it is always a good time to reflect back on where you have been and look forward to where you are going! For PICRA, since our beginning in 2009 we have seen remarkable and sustained growth in our determination to become THE organization for Iranian Canadian REALTORS(R).

As long as we cherish a dream, we will never stop our progress. In 1392, PICRA has made steady progress across various platforms. We further broadened the scope of Community platform and increased the number of our members and website visitors. We have kept enriching public & members and made full use of various communication means including internet, social media, mobile devices, and print media. Public & members can get information about GTA Real Estate faster and more conveniently than before.

We believe that it is extremely important as an organization to be willing and able to respond to rapidly changing conditions. We need to build long-term relationships and create value for the REALTORS(R) we serve. Performance backed by purpose and social responsibility will be our watchwords in this new and exciting journey forward. With your support, we can further consolidate our strengths as one of the most valuable organization.

1393 will soon begin. We would like to express our sincere and heartfelt wishes to all of you on behalf of Professional Iranian Canadian Real Estate Association (PICRA). May you have peace and happiness and stay safe and healthy!

PICRA’s Board of Directors