Presented by

Cherry Chan, CPA, CA
Cherry Chan Professional Corporation

Wednesday, Sep 30, 2020
1:00 PM– 2:00 PM

About The Speaker:

Cherry is an entrepreneur, an author, a blogger, a mom of two young kids and a Chartered Professional Accountant helping real estate agents and real estate investors. Cherry graduated with the Honour Roll on the Chartered Accountant Uniform Final Exam, top 10 in Ontario and top 50 in all of Canada. She was named “Top 50 Women in Accounting” globally in 2018.

Cherry is in high demand as a public speaker for her tax knowledge. Through her blog, she has been inspiring others to take charge of their lives, make changes and take action.

She is also a non-practicing real estate broker and a real estate investor with multiple investment properties, striving to help her clients to strategize so as to minimize the amount of taxes everyone needs to pay.

Cherry is also a Best-Selling Author on Amazon for her book called “Complete Taxation Guide to Canadian Real Estate Investing”. She is currently working toward her next book, which will be real estate

agent focus, that will be released later this year.

She can be reached via her website at RealEstateTaxTips.ca