Date: April 1, 2014, 10:00 to 11:50 Am
Location: Real Home Realty (9019 Bayview, Suite 214).
Attendees: Fahima, Shervin , Farzam, Yahya, Steve, Kory, Kamran, , Sia , Omid, Faramarz,Parviz, Mahmood and Al Eskandari
Regret: Holly, Nasser, Shahrzad

Topics discussed:

– Norouz Gala Review
– Update from Finance Committee
– Next Education Seminar Update
– Other Committee Updates

Meeting started at 10:00Am

  • Persian new year Gala:

Yahya :  Provided a detailed financial report for March 15, Persian new year Gala showing Revenue, Expenses, Sponsors and outstanding receivables.

Steve: suggests increasing the ticket price to $175 for next year to make this event more profitable

Kamran: concern about collecting money while an accounting system is not in place yet;

Farzam: All financial records kept by Yahya, has been reviewed by an accountant (Mr.Darabifar) also Farzam and Yahya have meeting with a charter accountant (Mr.Tavana) April1, 2014  at 2 Pm as next step in establishing the system.

Steve, Faramarz and Yahya: emphasized on importance of having enough cash so next time when board decides for a gathering, board members don’t have to provide the related deposits from their pockets.

Board members;  all board members believe that the Gala was a great success, the place,  the entertainers, food, deserts, Sabzipolo mahi, and drinks were high quality and well served.  Boards appreciate all the members who worked hard to make it happen, although some minor incident reported by members such as an individual put promotional ad on tables. Members believe that having a great entertainer is important to get more public attention.

  • Other Topics:

Next Educational seminar will be held on April 23 , guest speaker will be Mitch Korman.

Fahimeh khanom is following up with Parya and speaker to organize the event.

Omid to work on changes on Logo as some board members think Logo needs to be improved.