Professional Iranian Canadian Real Estate Association (PICRA), is a not-for-profit, non-religious, and non-political membership organization, founded to facilitate and promote co-operation and networking among Iranian Canadian Real Estate professionals, and to advance their professional careers.

PICRA was founded out of the needs of the Iranian Canadian REALTORS® and services for it’s members and the community. The members of the Board of Directors bring a diversity of skills and a wealth of experience to their work on behalf of the Iranian Canadian REALTORS® and we are grateful for our members’ active involvement, engagement and contribution.

PICRA’s objectives are:

  • To provide ongoing professional development ,
  • To encourage co-operation and friendship,
  • To assist in experience and knowledge sharing,
  • To adhere to our code-of-ethics,
  • To provide additional business opportunities,
  • To serve our community by providing valued services and educational sessions,

PICRA hosts regular seminars and events in the Greater Toronto Area covering current issues that are of interest to our members and are related to our industry. At the same time, PICRA works closely with Iranian and Canadian Professionals and Organizations to provide business opportunities to our members.

Meeting the needs of Iranian Canadian REALTORS® is not only PICRA’s mission; it is an intrinsic way of thinking at all levels from volunteer committees and task forces to Board of Directors. PICRA has succeeded in establishing itself as a association of REALTOR’s® community, as it continually strives to meet the needs of Iranian Canadians REALTORS®. Through the sharing of experiences with other community-based organizations in the GTA, PICRA has become a remarkable example of co-operation in our diverse society. We invite you to join PICRA and become active members – serve on a committee, attend a workshop, get involved in the political lobbying process or you might even consider assuming a leadership role in the governance of PICRA. It’s an opportunity for you to share your ideas, concerns and experiences – and to invest in the future of your profession and industry.