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PROFESSIONAL IRANIAN CANADIAN REALTOR ASSOCIATION (PICRA) is an independent, nonpartisan, membership organization established in 2011.
PICRA has since become the community voice for the Real Estate industry representing licensed realtors active in all segments of the field. We are founded primarily through contribution of our volunteers and sponsors.

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We in PICRA believe in open communications with public.
PICRA’s community involvements are designed to increase overall public awareness of the industry, market and the services PICRA members provide.
Our initiative is to raise the standard for improved service. That tells people who we are, what we do and how we share information in the public interest and, most importantly, how highly qualified IRANIAN CANADIAN REALTORS are.


Your Industry Needs You!
PICRA is an association driven by its members. Through participation in different committees and by representation on board of directors, members provide PICRA with direction, guidance and a voice to speak out on the issues and concerns effecting them.



PICRA is first and foremost a membership organization, representing more than 400 members drawn from 16 different brokerages throughout the province. PICRA helps its members take their business and personal efficiency to the next level with training, professional development and networking opportunities.

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2212, 2016

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy and safe holiday season, and the very best for 2017.

1312, 2016

Membership Restructuring

On behalf of Member Services, we’d like to thank you for being a valued member of PICRA and acknowledge your participation and involvement in the association’s events during the past seven years. We have been very [...]

811, 2016

Amendment to By-Laws

General Announcement Version 1.0a of the By-Laws was approved by the Board of Directors on November 8, 2016. The amendments are: 5.041 5.041 Election candidates must have served the board or in one of its [...]

1810, 2016

Executive Committee, 2017

As of today, October 18, 2016, the PICRA Board of Directors have elected a new Executive Committee for 2017. The results are as follows: Kory Gorgani – President Farzam Jalili – Vice President Fahima Kashani – Secretary [...]

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Want Different? Think Different!

PICRA is proud to present: Want Different, Think Different!  For [...]

Wine and Cheese, Meet and Greet!

*** Exclusive to PICRA members, Registered Real Estate Sales Representatives, [...]

1396/2017 Norouz Gala!

An Exclusive Event, By Invitation Only! The Professional Iranian Canadian [...]

How Hard are You Willing to Work to Earn a Profitable Income?

PICRA is proud to present How Hard are You Willing [...]

4 Steps to Building Your Personal Brand and Getting More Clients!

PICRA is proud to present 4 Steps to Building Your [...]

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Want Different? Do Different!

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February 07, 2017
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Want Different? Do Different!
February 07, 2017
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